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How We Are Like Steam Engines. Psychic Physics.

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A steam engine’s power is found in its output. The input is the heat that builds hotter in a cold container. The output is the escape of steam, which powers the engine.

The same is true for you. 

We were just at a winter party. There was a fire and marshmallows were roasting. S’mores were assembled and eaten by the plenty. Such magical input quickly manifested in powerful output. The kids were wild; they couldn’t get to the next playground game fast enough. They needed to dance, hug, jump and chase each other. Geo had the look of a viking with one solid piece of chocolate dangling from his chin attached by sticky marshmallow. Everywhere I looked I saw the power of steam.

The input was so good, so rich, it needs to be spread out and lessened in its effect. What is used by the body, the glucose and the nutrients is embraced as energy and the excess needs to be burned, released as steam, and in the release there is power. The input was more than sugar, it was fire, connectedness, open space, familiar faces. The output was released from a creative synthesis. Some kids became more silly, others more assertive, others more reactive, and many all of the above. But the synthesis was individual nonetheless. The power was shared in play.

Power is all about the synthesis flowing through you and back out again energetically. It may present as ideas, conversations, laughter, crying, moving, or bouncing your snow-suited body against other snowsuits on a snowy playground.

Everyday Geo asks to go to his favorite places, whether it’s the science museum, the playground, a friend’s house or the library. He is eager to place himself in a suitable environment and take things in. His power flows as he grows.

Lack of suitable input is a huge reason for why people feel ’empty’. They are empty! And an overflow of non suitable input (meaningless internet information that constantly plays to the commodity of you instead of the real you) makes you full and empty, like having a bag of potato chips for dinner.

True power is creative and relational. It is not domineering or mechanical. It is spontaneous like the movement of steam and fire. You feel it move through you like a dancer feels the music. You share it, you don’t hold it compulsively. Holding on to power is as impossible as holding on to steam.


8 responses to “How We Are Like Steam Engines. Psychic Physics.”

  1. Excellent, as always.

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  2. A beautiful and inspiring analogy! And a perfect leader to this train of thought – Geo the s’mores viking!!

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    1. 😆 leading with marshmallowed stick, onward towards more chocolate


  3. Great post/analogy Tess. “ Lack of suitable input is a huge reason for why people feel ’empty’.” I often think this about writers block. It’s not that we’re unable to write its just that we’re running on empty. We need to go and fill the cup back up first and then return to the page. Wishing you well 🙏

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    1. Thank you so much, and I couldn’t agree more! I have experienced that remedy so much with ‘writer’s block’ that I have to say, it rarely happens anymore.

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  4. love!!!!

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