Pharrell Williams and the beauty of Neptune

I remember when I first saw Pharrell Williams on last year’s Grammy’s and thinking three things:  What’s with the hat?  Who is this guy winning ALL of the awards?  Why is he being followed around by spacemen?

Neptunian illusion and mystery

Flash forward a couple of months and my sister and I are mesmerized by the 24hour music video of “Happy” streaming online.  All different kinds of everyday people dancing in their own interpretative style on the streets of L.A- one, sometimes two or three at a time.  The song/dance keeps coming to an end and unbelievably I would continually feel powerless to turn it off as the music started up again and a fresh face appeared.  The next thing I knew we had been watching for 4 hours straight- one song over and over.

Here come bad news talking this and that —   Give me all you got and don’t hold back —-   I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine —  No offense to you, don’t waste your time —-  Here’s why —-  Because I’m happy….”

By the time the choir-like back up voices come in “Happyyy…” I am just totally aboard.  The melody is so beautiful- the message so pure- I am hook, line and sinkered.  It’s this all powerful pull to be a part of this big beautiful thing– and knowing on the deepest level that I already AM a part of it.  You might ask when am I gonna get to the astrology of all this and the answer is right now with one word:  Neptune.

Neptune is love that is all embracing– all inclusive–  all forgiving.  It is divine love as opposed to Venus which is personal love.  Neptune celebrates the flawless beauty of us all.  Pisces is the sign that is connected to Neptune.  Michelangelo is a double Pisces (Sun, Moon) with Mars there too (energizing it even more) and all of this opposite Pluto (empowering it exponentially).  Look to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to get a feel for this type of divine love.

Part Of The Artwork Of Michelangelo That Adorns Th
ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Pharrell is not a Pisces, but he has Mercury in Pisces (style of communicating) and his Neptune is very strongly placed- which I will get to.  He is an Aries.  A pioneer, a risk taker.  His Sun is conjunct Venus merging creativity (Venus) with his true essence (Sun).  His Moon is in earthy, steadfast Taurus and in the 5th house (performing).  He needs to create structures (Taurus)- this need is intensified opposite Uranus.  And structures he did create.  He and his partner Chad Hugo created the very successful record duo, named of all things, THE NEPTUNES!

Data Deluxe
Pharrell’s’ chart

So let’s get back to Neptune.  Wherever Neptune is found in the chart there is a potential for vulnerability on one side of the spectrum and a potential for a deep connection to the divine on the other.  Pharrell’s Neptune is in the 12th, which is the house that is associated with Neptune.  The 12th is mysterious, as is Neptune.  It is commonly associated with trouble but that is not very accurate, and also kind of a downer.  I see planets in the 12th as being connected to seeking an IDEAL, often on a subconscious level.  With Neptune in the 12th we are looking at an ideal in the realm of ideals.  Divine love in the realm of the ultimate.  There is a thirst for heaven on earth.

I remember watching him on Oprah cry tears of joy as they watched homemade videos from around the world of people dancing to “Happy”.  He created a song that unified people from all walks of life in a very powerful way.  Living up to something within him so deep, and so hard to reach.  Masterful work from an artist with his heart in the right place.

Happy in Bucharest
Happy senior in Canada
Happy in L.A (24 hour video)
Happy in L.A (24 hour video)