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Mother Nature is in You. Meditation for a New Moon in Taurus.

While driving, the radio informed me that a meteor the size of the Statue of Liberty nearly hit the earth yesterday. Moments later giant gusts of wind stirred lilac petals into a tizzy like new years eve confetti. 

There is dynamism in the air, reflected perfectly by spirited Jupiter moving into the embodied duality of nature’s archetype, Taurus. The embodied duality is ‘a nature’ within all of nature. It is your system within the system of nature. You are separate from nature only for the purpose of consciously uniting with nature, through the process of individuation.

As explored in another post, this Spring is a sneak peak of advancing fully into a new age, as Pluto moves into Aquarius. Aquarius stands for the individual, and all of the gifts and challenges that individuality brings.

Alienation is the biggest challenge that the individual faces. But this is a gift in disguise. Because all experiences of alienation ultimately mirror the primal feeling of alienation from ourselves and nature. In recognizing our alienation from nature and ourselves, we have a chance to come back into the right relationship with it.

But when I say “ourselves” I am only talking about our ideas of ourselves. Our real Selves are something large and magnificent. Our real Selves are nature, a guiding and authoritative drive within us that we often ignore just like rebellious children. 

We embody nature in a dualistic fashion. Part of us is supposed to submit to the authoritative role of the other. That ‘other’ is nature itself, a productive and creative urge within us that ‘knows the way’. It can be thought of as a conscience or a guiding light. It stirs with moral instincts and it bathes us in good biofeedback when our choices are right.

Mother nature really is a mother. She has our best interest.

The individual must recognize this gift of responsibility for their own development. Nature grows and produces beautiful and bountiful creations. In the individual it bestows the freedom to choose growth. But the individual must recognize this ‘twoness’ of the psyche. Carl Jung called it ‘the ego’ and ‘Self’.

If it is hard to envision this just think about what is happening when we act against our best interests. Who is the one who acts and who is the one who has the best interests? It is us, the ‘ego’ who acts, and nature or ‘the Self’ who has our best interest.

Mother nature is in you, as a guiding force. Hearing her voice and recognizing her role is how an individual evolves and helps evolve all of nature.

Enjoy this week’s New Moon in Taurus on Friday, May 19th, 2023.

As always, happy nature pondering!


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