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Charge! Inherent Meaning in Nature.

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I woke up this morning with a word in my head: charge. A baseball rally wafted through my awareness- da da da da da da… charge!!

There are so many uses for this word.

One can take charge or charge someone for a service. One can charge at someone or be charged by someone or something. One can be re-charged, which is to suggest that we are usually somewhat charged. One can be in charge of others or of projects. One can be charged with a burden or task.

Why is it that charge evokes a bull, a bill and an electric current: all of which are archetypes for the mysterious sign of Taurus.

I think it’s for the same reason that the trees and the rivers ‘talked’ to primitive man. The natural world is charged. It is not only charged with the immeasurable potency of pure spiritedness, it is charged with the awesome endeavor of continuing and expanding upon its magnificent creation.

Meaning is inherent in nature. We don’t add meaning with our minds, we recognize meaning with our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Our lives are charged with natural meaning. In recognizing the meaning we become charged as well, or re-charged.

As we enter the Merry month of May this week, the Sun moves into the milieu of Taurus, which is itself the sign of the milieu. The internal milieu, a place of great discovery and constant change. A place with the distinct possibility of receiving a charge. A place from which we summon the energy to take charge, to be in charge and to charge forth with a sturdy purpose.

Spirited nature is a gift. All is animated with the charge of meaning. We are all charged with making some sense out of this life, with hearing the music that comes from strings pulled taught with time’s tension.

Look no further than Friday night’s Full Moon eclipse in buzzing Scorpio to commune with nature’s charge. The event will be free of charge, but you are charged with remembering to look. This kundalini-esque Moon will be opposite a trifecta of Sun,Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, bringing illuminated and awakened awareness to the still of a night, to the charged potencies of creation that we share with nature.

I’ve changed enough batteries in my day to be familiar with the fact that like charges repel and opposites attract. I think within this fact is a tip from nature: try to see things, others and situations with respect to what they really are, not as you want or need them to be. Let this reality charge you, so you can be in full connection with your nature and take charge to steer yourself in the right direction.

Venus will complete her trip in Gemini this week, dipping into cozy Cancer’s waters on Sunday. Get your gab in this week and then see if you notice a preference for a tad more privacy, a nudge more attention towards home. Mars has been voyaging the open waters of Cancer’s ocean, using energy and brawn to secure feedback from that north star. Perhaps lady Venus will arrive just in time to try a little tenderness and, in the words of Sandra Dee, “feel your way”. No doubt Mercury, still in retrograde, will appreciate the aesthetic instincts to assist in decision making. Francis Bacon said that “The best part of beauty is something that no picture can express”. No doubt, the pioneer of the scientific method was  hinting at the je ne sais quoi of nature’s charge!

Until next time,

happy nature pondering!


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