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Beyond the Wheel

Mud-luscious. Supernatural Beauty.

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Taurus Season has arrived, making the flowers more alive, and sparking the appetite for nature to strive for various expressions of perfection.

Up here in Vermont, we have had some rain, rendering the land, in the words of e.e. Cummings “mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful”. The daffodils appear near supernatural in their yellow glow. 

And they are supernatural. They arise from the super spirited powers of nature. 

Color is vibration, just like music. It is funny how much a color adds or detracts from a person’s vibes. Just picture a minister trying to convey seriousness in church while wearing hot pink, or an encouraging teacher lifting a child up on the playground with enhanced powers of a sunshiny yellow jumpsuit.

The philosopher Fredreich Schelling said “Every plant is completely what it should be, what is free in it is necessary and what is necessary is free.”

The problems with higher life forms is that we have a lot of noise, and it becomes harder to tune into the vibrations from our zero-dimensional center, as represented by Taurus, that tells us what is necessary in the spirit of what is free. Taurus is the rotational center within us that spins from yes to no. Yes is backed by the unbridled spiritedness of nature. No is powered by the rich sovereignty of one’s own land and nature, which, while a part of nature, is also separate and able to discern for itself what is good.

There is a waxing Moon this week, gaining light with each new night, building on its own luminescence like the first instant of a theatrical play before the curtains even go up.

The Moon’s building light celebrates the ever-producing spirit of nature, and reminds us that much of this production must begin on quiet and private levels. As Frank Lloyd Wright said “You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site.”

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until mid May, a reflective stretch, especially in the Taurean matters of well-being and supernatural goodness.

Venus in mid Gemini, like Alice in Wonderland, notices so many things worth her attention. Wonderland and Alice joined happily in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.

Mars in Cancer, a definite magnetic pull towards action. What is that thing that is pulling you, and what is it that you think you should do?

Jupiter in Aries, supporting our actions with blasts of enthusiasm and hope. Such hope is strengthened by realistic appraisal and effort towards a goal. With Saturn in Pisces, the goal might be very ideal and hard to discern. Just stay seasonal if you find yourself confused; Taurus season says slow down, listen to your body, and notice the ways of nature to help you on your way.

As said before, this Spring is a special one. The powers of nature are up for existential discovery, with Pluto’s new shift into the infinite waves of experiential Aquarius. Uranus, Aquarius’ totem planet, has been waiting patiently in Taurus since 2018, anticipating an awakening to the powers we share with nature.

These powers are creative.

As Rick Rubin puts it “The power of nature is what all art strives to be. The more we can get in tune with the harmony of the planet, the more art can benefit that relationship.”

Even if you think you are not, you are an artist. And your creativity has significance in relation to this beautiful planet that you live upon. You are in a relationship with the earth, and your creative powers can ensure that you become a happier and happier couple.

Until next time,

happy nature pondering!


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