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Nature’s Zodiac Podcast. New Episodes

I’m calling the show Nature’s Zodiac now, but as before it will bring you brief poetic thoughts about the astrological weather for the week ahead. Tune in if you like rhymes, planets, and reasons to better connect to the day in day out!

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Secrets of Spring. Metaphorcast April 17-23 2023

We are in full swing with this season of Spring and the birds that sing and the leaves the trees bring. The greenery of the scenery sure perks people up. As Robert Frost said, “Nature’s first green is gold.”

Aries Season comes to an end this week with a most ceremonious hand off to Taurus. In the midnight hour of Thursday, April 20, A New Moon in the latest degrees of Aries will enjoy its peak darkness for 15 minutes and then shift into Taurus. The Sun will join the earth goddess sign as well as it begins to rise and begin the new season officially at 4:14 am Eastern time.

Symbolically the shift is from Aries green light that tells us to go, to Taurus vibrant green and fertile Earth that encourages us to grow.

The newness of Aries emerged with each new green bud and blade. But Taurus the maiden gazes now at the gold that she made. The tangible bounty that was once but a dream, has surrounded her now with her highest esteem.

The verdant greenery has a more secretive scenery. Deep within her Taurus field, the fertility of nature is the vital possibility for novelty to take root in us. New thoughts and ideas are like the parachuting seeds in the air. You thought they came from you? Not entirely true. There is so much in the air, and Springtime sweetens the breeze.

Extra sweet this week, with Venus the love goddess in the air sign of Gemini and Mercury, the mind planet in the sweet substance of Taurus. Make sure to find those right aromas, even if they exist only in your mind, and give you a taste of something worth cultivating in the gold of your new Spring garden.

Earth day is on Saturday. With Saturn, the planet of reality in the mystical sign of Pisces consider these words of Henry David Thoreau “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Kick off your shoes if you can swing it!

The new waves of the time have chimed in with the wind chimes this Spring, with dramatic entrance of Pluto into Aquarius. Though the planet of deep and transformative energy will only be in the existential buzz of Aquarius for this Spring Season, after the Summer it will enter the sign for good until the year 2046. Some might say its offical that a new age is here, the age of Aquarius that is, with those enigmatic wavy lines.

What if infinity is nothing but a wave? Something you can’t pinpoint with an origin or destination? What if the more wavelike we are the more infinity we hold? This sounds like gold, like the green in our souls. Anything at all takes more root in our souls when a continous story ties meaning to its role. That person that you helped, that meal that you made, that nice little break that you took in the shade- these all are like waves with no origins or ends. In embracing the wave, with infinity you blend.

As William Blake said “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour”.

Happy Earth Day

and as always,

happy nature pondering!


6 responses to “Nature’s Zodiac Podcast. New Episodes”

  1. Woo yeah! Love the show name and love that little picture, especially the 6 shaped mini continent of Curtlandia!

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    1. Haha! I’m glad AI was able to generate your homeland! Thanks Curt! Back in the yeti microphone saddle!


      1. Knew it! I could tell by the little color boxes in the bottom right. So what’d you type in to get that? It looks really cool. Send my regards to the robot 🙂 Maybe ‘old timey radio with some planet earths and a non-centered ring featuring Curtlandia’??

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      2. Yes! 😆It was something just like that.

        Actually I remember being surprised it was something so cohesive – I think I just wrote something like “bright, spring, alive, birds and swirling magic!”


  2. YESSSSS!!!!!!

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