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After One Year, My Book is Here! The Zodiac in the Shape of the Torus.

It all started with a simple question: could the zodiac be arranged vertically, ascending from the depths to the heights of existence?

Do the natural elements hint at an upward ‘path’ with the depths of water ascending to the solidity of earth, then to the atmosphere of air and finally, the heights of fire?  

​A little doodle in a notebook arranged the signs as if they took the shape of a plant.  Its roots draw from the depths of water.  Its seeds sprout in the earth that is nourished by the air above. It stretches upward to the light of the sun.

No sooner did I draw the zodiac to look like a plant then the true shape of the zodiac emerged: the torus field.

A torus field is a self-sustaining shape with two vortexes on each end that run through a central axis.  It is the shape of  a whirlpool and a tornado.  It is the invisible shape of every living creature in the universe and quite possibly the universe itself!

​The zodiac is a blueprint for nature.

On the wheel it turns with the changes of the seasons and the passing of the hour.  This time is cyclic.  It folds on itself and makes meaning.  This kind of time is based on law.  It has to be.  Otherwise Summer would no longer follow Spring and it would be impossible to be anywhere “on time”.

​But the torus field reveals another kind of time, one that is more biological and experiential.  It doesn’t turn on the clock.  It burns from within.  It illuminates choices and paths to take.  This time is not based on law.  It is based on freedom and it is who you truly are.

A basic understanding of astrology may be helpful in reading this book but it is by no means necessary.  I use the zodiac as a guide to a true philosophy of nature and what it means to be human.

You can buy the book here!

Time to celebrate!

10 responses to “After One Year, My Book is Here! The Zodiac in the Shape of the Torus.”

  1. FFFEEERRRCCCKKK YYAAAAHH!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! I already ordered the book and when it comes I’m gonna bring it over to your house so you can sign it and then I will ceremoniously smash a bottle of champagne wherever you deem most appropriate! Woohoo!!!

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    1. Hahaha Yaayy! Curt! I am going to wrack my brain for wherever champagne smashing will be most appropriate! You are the official FIRST to order my book then! Maybe we should smash two bottles!


      1. #1! How bout smash one drink one then? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Jolly good thinking!! 😛


  2. It sounds like you have a unique perspective on the zodiac and its connection to the natural world. The idea of the zodiac as a torus field, with its two vortexes running through a central axis, is an interesting one. It’s also intriguing to consider the concept of two different kinds of time – one that is cyclic and based on law, and another that is more experiential and based on freedom. It will be interesting to read more about your ideas and how you explore these concepts in your book.


    1. Thank you, Sapiens! I appreciate you saying so! Wonderful website you have too!


  3. Wow!  Congratulations, Tess!   Just got off the phone with Bill Kelly.  He and Robyn Brentano are impressed with your book

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    1. Thanks Dad! That is great to hear!!


  4. Just so exciting ….I really love this book.

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