Twins Talk Twin Peaks

This post is co-written with my twin sister and is about delving into the infinite mysteries of OUR FAVORITE THING EVER: TWIN PEAKS!!!!!!!!!!  Here we go!

 Who killed Laurel Palm Tree?

In ancient Rome and Greece, laurel wreaths were adorned as symbols of victory.

Here Laura wears her crown and is also surrounded by other symbols of victory.
The laurel was sacred to the sun god Apollo
Apollo was shot by Cupid’s leaden arrow and made to fall madly in love with Daphne, beautiful nymph and daughter of the river god, Peneus.  She did not reciprocate his love and constantly fled from his advancements.
When it became too much for her to bear, and with her father’s help,  she chose to transform herself into a laurel tree.
From “Apollo and Daphne” in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Apollo tries to reason with the fleeing Daphne.  He pleas with her to ” walk with me and ask who I am.”  Apollo is the sun, aka fire, asking her to “walk with me.”

A similar motif involving laurels and unrequited love is central to the writings of Dante and Petrarch.  Dante with his love for Beatrice,  and Petrarch with his 365 poems to Laura.  Notice how both men are dressed in red, aka fire.

But can fire ever really catch its romantic opposite (water)?

The chase and the dance is enchanting to watch
Is eternity the goal?

Let’s explore the laurel a little more.  The Collins dictionary defines it as this:

“A laurel or a laurel tree is a small evergreen tree with shiny leaves. The leaves are sometimes used to make decorations such as wreaths.”

“I’ve got to find out what kind of trees these are..”
He soon finds out that they are Douglas Firs, an evergreen tree.

Evergreen trees are distinct in that they retain green leaves throughout the year.  The other main type of tree is the Deciduous tree, which loses its leaves during the colder seasons.

The palm tree is also an evergreen!
 What makes evergreens retain their color is a wax-like coating on their leaves which helps them retain more water and thus stay nourished.  They remain preserved in a sense.
“She’s dead… wrapped in plastic”  Is this to say dead, but.. preserved?

So is she dead or not? Well.. this is also a theme that seemed to be toyed with during the first season.

Otto Preminger’s 1944 classic “Laura” is about a girl (Laura) who everyone thinks is dead, but (spoiler alert!) she’s not.
One of the chief suspects is Waldo Lydecker.

Twin Peaks has Waldo the myna bird as well as Waldo’s vet, Dr. Lydecker.

Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece Vertigo also centers around a theme of a woman supposed to be dead that isn’t.
James Stewart plays Detective Ferguson who is madly in love with a woman named Madeline (Kim Novak).
Madeline Ferguson is Laura Palmer’s cousin (also played by Sheryl Lee) who looks so much like Laura you begin to wonder if she’s actually her.

When Madeline first enters the show she comes through the door as Leland is watching the infamous “Invitation to Love”.  The screen is a split screen, showing an actress playing two parts (just like Sheryl Lee is doing).

Picture 27
The “two” women’s names are Emerald and Jade (an evergreen tree)

Let’s go a little further with the names, and a little deeper into those woods!

Our favorite FBI Special Agent, Dale Cooper!  The name Cooper means “maker and repairer of wooden vessels”
Lara Flynn Boyle In 'Twin Peaks'
Laura’s much more innocent best friend, Donna Hayward.  The name Hayward means “a person who is in charge of protecting an enclosed forest from damage”
Scary Dad, Leland Palmer, aka the anti-tree!  The name Leland means “unseeded land”
Leland’s house is the only place in the show where a tree looks dead.

Anyone want some pie?  Let’s head on over to the double R!

Cherry pie, not apple.
Unlike the purely deciduous  apple or pear trees, the cherry tree can also be evergreen
In fact it is a classic evergreen characteristic to bear brightly contrasting red berries as shown in this holly tree.  Notice the shiny well-preserved leaves.

Bright red is often seen in Twin Peaks- adding to its je-ne-sais-quoi-ness.


The traffic light also celebrates the bright green, as does the opening credits


So the evergreen trees remain vibrant and alive.. and now, 25 years later, the show is coming BACK, as in, it didn’t die.

Just as she promised

And all we know is…  exactly where we will be on May 21st, with cherry pie, trying not to faint from excitement.


6 thoughts on “Twins Talk Twin Peaks

  1. It’s very itneresting what I’ve just read , it left me wanting to know more but nowhere to be found on your site.
    Like what is it all about in the show?
    You have these tags everywhere: symbology of season one, meaning of the show , theories. Still they all lead to Laura beeing an element. Is it about good and evil, about useful vs useless?


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