New Moon in Pisces brought to you by Twisted Sister

A New Moon brings out an opportunity to start afresh with something.  It’s like a brand new baby, representing whatever process in your life is being highlighted (determined by the sign and house placement).

This New Moon is in the very late degrees of Pisces.  For everyone of us it is a chance to bring new life into places where we feel vulnerable, overwhelmed or even victimized.  I’ll give the floor now to Twisted Sister to best get this idea across.

Tomorrow, Friday the 20th, is the vernal equinox and the Sun will move heroically into Aries (much like that visual of the boy’s spinning transformation into Twisted Sister for those that watched the video above).  The opportunities to seize back any power that you’ve been giving away are RIPE.

If anyone wants to know what house (what area of life) this is happening for them just leave your birth data below (time, day and place) and I will tell you.

Happy New Moon.  And remember…  “No!  We’re not gonna take it!”