Astro Oscar preamble! Best Actor

The Oscars are almost here!  Let’s have a quick look at some astro observations having to do with the best actor nominees..


Eddie Redmayne and Bradley Cooper both have the same big transit happening for them this year.  Pluto is conjunct their natal Suns, as they are born one day apart from each other.  Their natal Suns being in achievement-oriented Capricorn are being blown up BIG (Pluto) and perhaps transformed.  Redmayne clearly already transformed himself as an actor in the public eye showing how he can seemingly shape-shift directly into Stephen Hawking with all that realism.  I have yet to see “American Sniper” but it’s safe to say that both of these chaps could stand to welcome more BIGNESS into their years by picking up an Oscar.

Redmayne definitely transformed (Pluto) himself in this role
Cooper has been very open about the deep transformative effect (Pluto transit) taking on this role has had on him by learning about the struggles that military families take on.

I would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch win if not for his speech alone.  On Oscar night Mars and Venus will be together in Aries (passionate fire-cracking energy) and making a perfect trine (supportive influence) on his natal Leo Mercury (dramatic confident style of speech).

Speech! Speech! Speech!

If Carell wins, the transiting Sun will be right on his natal Moon in Pisces, highlighting his other-worldly way.  We can perhaps expect to see something strange and mysterious in his speech, or maybe a speech of real compassion (all Pisces things).

Visible mystery or compassion likely with his speech

I couldn’t find reliable birth data for Keaton, but good luck to him.

“Birdman” was awesome IMO..

May the best man win!